20 Nov 2018

Portrait : this entrepreneur who succeded to turn his passion into a job

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Image Portrait : this entrepreneur who succeded to turn his passion into a job

From his childhood, he was different from other children. For example, while playing the game, some children did not think of anything but playing. But he was already thinking of creating his own game, he found his passion. It is true that at the age of 14, children are curious and want to try new things to stand out from others and for themselves.

For our artist, as soon as he discovered he was into video games, thanks to his addiction to the game Pong created in 1972, he stood up and took the courage to realize his dreams and his passion. While continuing to play this famous game at that time, he knew at the same time that information networks in every sense of the term interested him as much.

An exceptional artist

Like any artist, you have to stand above the crowd by providing something extraordinary. In this sense, he continually sought to develop his skills and to remain faithful to his passions. Let's go through the assets that made him achieve his fame in the world of video games:

  •  ;;;;Development of his expertise from an early age
  •  Proposal of another game mode from the available means: Tank
  •  ;;;;Action always based on his two passions: video games and information networks
  •  ;;;;A handful of entrepreneurial logics
  •  ;Creation of his own company to better live his passions and to share them
  •  ;;;;Creation of multiplayer mode game: GraalOnline
  •  ;;;;Collaboration with various companies working in the same sector as him to strengthen his experience and expand his relations

A talented child with a mind-blowing path

After creating his first game, he sought the way to keep his two passions and to open to a broader world. Thanks to the characteristics of his Tank game such as fluidity and interesting options, a game he did not think would have a huge success, he was starting to put his feet in the "world" of the French digital games. He also decided to collaborate with the only network of information broadcast, the Minitel in order to continue to live with his two passions.

Nevertheless, this was not enough to make the digital sector more flexible and accessible to all. The idea of incorporating entrepreneurship with this sector seemed like a better idea, provided there were no obstacles to it. It was time for him to start his own business. In 1989, his own company called Eurocenter, which would later be renamed Eurocenter Games, was born.

A success that ensued

Before he created his company, Stephane Portha (https://www.stephane-portha.pw/) became a manager or a managing partner in multiple companies. Then he created the online game GraaOnline (a hit game in multiplayer mode) and other versions, and also a huge digital consortium called Eurocenter Group. Eurocenter Games had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of the first games available only on Appstore. Since 2007, Stephane Portha has been in the list of artists in the world of video games. In short, these qualities allowed him to surpass himself:

  •  Perseverance
  •  Curiosity
  •  Unique know-how
  •  Determination
  •  Fidelity to his passions
  •  Sense of initiative and sharing
  •  Interpersonal skills