Charles Rosier - Resume - London, UK

    Charles Rosier - Resume - London, UK

Charles Rosier: Educational Attainments

Charles Rosier (Découvrir la page web doyoubuzz sur Charles Rosier) received his degree from ESCP Europe, which opened the path to his initial profession. Two years of additional classes were taken by him in order to get ready for more French qualifications. He completed his secondary education in 1991 at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie. Charles Rosier join UBS Warburg Investment Bank right after being a part of Lehman Brothers in 1996.

Mapreg is a pharmaceutical organisation led by Professor Etienne Baulieu. They were invested-in by Charles Rosier when he started to run healthcare projects. Being an investor, he receives a certain profit-share from the company because of his contribution that enabled the company to start doing the study. With his willingness to contribute a lot to the medical industry, Charles Rosier voluntarily invested in the Mapreg Drug Project.

Charles Rosier is involved in philanthropic and cultural activities. His support for a well known French artist and a Silver Lion-winning movie are evidence of this statement. A French female musician was helped by him in releasing her debut album in 2012. Additionally, he played a great part in the production of a Silver Lion-winning film. His incomparable love for music and culture paved the way to helping a French female musician. Charles Rosier loves music and singing. Movies are also one of his passions. That is why he supports French culture.

Charles Rosier’s appointment at Lehman Brothers in 1996 was his first step towards his future. He became the manager of their Debt Capital Market Division at UBS Warburg in 1997. As a great investment banker, he has remained in the industry for 15 years now. Charles Rosier joined BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became a partner at BTG Pactual, an investment bank situated in Latin America.

Charles Rosier’s Life Story

Charles Rosier joined BTG Pactual Bank and worked there until 2010 as a partner. He studied at Fenelon Sainte-Marie and earned his scientific degree in 1991. Charles Rosier started his job at Lehman Brothers in 1996 prior to joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. Afterwards, he joined Goldman Sachs Bank, where he was put in charge of the finance department.

Charles Rosier’s Work Experience

Charles Rosier was a hard-working partner of an investment bank in Latin America called BTG Pactual. GMS (Goldman Sachs) is a top investment bank that operates around the globe. Being employed as their Managing Director, he focused on keeping public assets appropriately handled. He worked as a partner at BTG Pactual Bank, which has 30 years of experience in international markets, appointing over 2,500 people spread across Latin America.


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